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Wardrobe Wakeup Session

  • • Service Type: wardrobe detox/consultation – Guys and Gals
    • 2-3 hours, R2 200
    • Where: Your home- Gauteng

    Are you a hoarder? Do you open up the doors of your wardrobe and utter with despair ‘I have nothing to wear’ as your clothes tumble on top of you? Maybe, your wardrobe reflects your habit of buying in a rut or is full of clothes that don’t flatter your shape. Whatever your wardrobe woes, I will help sift and sort your clothes; give tips for your body shape and identify wardrobe gaps. Then using the clothes you already own create combinations for new looks by co-coordinating, layering and using your accessories for maximum effect and variety. So you remember what we have done, I take photos of each outfit.

Whirlwind Shop

  • • Service Type: accompanied shop – Guys and Gals
    • 2 hours, R1 800
    • 3 hours, R2 200
    • Where: Sandton City, Mall of Africa or Clearwater Mall

    Are you tired of wasting valuable money and time on mistake purchases? Do you get frustrated shopping or never seem to find anything you like? Maybe you are looking for a fresh style or just too time pressured to spend hours upon hours in the mall if so, this service is for you.
    Whatever your budget or objective, with me by your side you will be introduced to shapes and designs that you wouldn't usually select. Pushing you beyond your normal buying patterns, I will select clothes that flatter, fit and compliment YOU. The result is a positive injection of new and fresh items for your wardrobe.

    Suggested Budget: R5 000 to R10 000.

The Boutique Tour

  • • Service Type: accompanied shop – Gals only
    • 4 hours, R2 750
    • Where: Out and about in Northern Johannesburg

    Do you need a gorgeous outfit for a special occasion or want to add unique, high-quality pieces to your existing wardrobe?
    This is a guided tour of my favourite local designer and privately owned boutique stores in Johannesburg. Stores on this service are selected for their quality ranges that won’t break the bank; along with their friendly, unpretentious service.

    Suggested Budget: R6 000 upwards.

The Ultimate Shop

  • • Service Type: accompanied shop – Gals only
    • 5-7 hours, R3 450
    • Where: A combination of a mall and boutique shops

    Do you begrudgingly go to the mall several times over a season in an attempt to source your wardrobe requirements? Or maybe your lifestyle or career has changed, and your wardrobe needs a complete revamp to match.
    Free up your time and unburden your frustration by getting your wardrobe in one shopping session. Get the best of both worlds; this service is a combination of The Whirlwind Shop and The Boutique Tour striking a balance between stylish, functional basics and 'stand out' pieces; ideal for building a cohesive and unique wardrobe.
    If a whole day seems too daunting, don’t stress the day is punctuated with rest and coffee breaks. My bet is you will thoroughly enjoy the day; who wouldn’t when you have so many fabulous things to take home.

    Suggested Budget: R10 000 upwards.

Post Shop Combining Session

  • • Service Type: wardrobe session – Guys and Gals
    • 1-2 hours, R1100
    • Where: Your home-Gauteng

    Now you have the clothes it is important to get the maximum out of your investment. During the Post Shop session, I show you how to merge, mix and combine your new clothes with your existing wardrobe to get the most out of your new purchases. Photos of each outfit are taken so you can create a library of your new looks. The days of waking up stressing and asking ‘What do I wear today?’ will be in the past.

Give a Gift

  • Far better than a pair of socks or box of chocolates, give a unique, memorable gift to a friend or loved one. Select from any of the services available.