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Corporate Chic - Business etiquette for today's world

Business Presentations
  • Service Type: Group Presentation – Guys and Gals
  • Available for National bookings
  • Duration: 60 - 90 minutes

Stand out from the rest for all the right reasons. Creating a professional first impression is critical to doing great business, building a career and creating a personal brand you and your company can be proud of.

Highlights and top tips from the full day workshop are covered in this packed, practical hour presentation.

This presentation covers:

    • Mobile manners.
    • Email eloquence.
    • Effective greetings and meetings.
    • Style and grooming for success.

Ideal for: Company conferences, training and sales seminars, induction training.

What people are saying…

“What an excellent presentation!!!  Janine's passion for her craft radiates and clearly shows in the highly interactive and practical presentation afforded to us as part of our Company's Women's Day Celebrations.  I am more than confident that all the ladies benefited highly from her useful and easy to follow advice.  We certainly walked out of there, renewed and ready to RESTYLE ourselves.

Pumza Seokane
Senior Human Resources Manager - Aspen Pharmaceuticals

"Janine presented at our two-day Franchise Champions Conference.  In an hour she covered style, dressing for your body shape, body language and cell phone etiquette. It was an exciting addition to our agenda, and many delegates enjoyed this presentation the most!  Her presentation style is professional and yet relaxed and her engagement with the audience ensure the point is carried across!  It does not matter what your 'business' is - everyone can benefit from this kind of presentation and we would recommend her without hesitation!  The reflection of one our our delegates sums it up perfectly.  "The talk by Janine on Style and Image was awesome! A breath of fresh air compared to what we usually expect of seminars."

Nicole Mare
Franchize Directions

“The presentation was exceptionally practical with modern day relevance.  Janine's presentation style is professional, engaging and entertaining.

Molefe Mokgate


Dressed to Impress - Cracking the dress code at work

Presentations for business
  • Service Type: Group Presentation – Guys and Gals
  • Available for National Bookings
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Your dress choices can help or hinder your goals. Are you dressing the part or damaging the company brand and letting yourself down at the same time? Identifying the mistakes and understanding the solutions will help you decide the message you most want to communicate.

Highlights and top tips from the online ‘Styled for Success’ course are covered in this practical and informative presentation.

This presentation covers:

  • Service Type: Group Presentation – Guys and Gals
  • Wardrobe letdowns and mistakes that can kill credibility.
  • Dressing the part.
  • Capsule wardrobe ideas for work.
  • Creating a polished look, even if your budget is limited.
  • Grooming and finishing touches.

Ideal for: Company conferences, training and sales seminars, induction training.


The way you dress communicates a potent non-verbal message to the world before you speak. Do you dress to kill or create credibility, break or build trust? This is the first instalment of a three-part video series shot with Douglas Kruger. I discuss how clothes are not merely an aesthetic decision, your presentation also affects the way people assess you and therefore treat you. I offer three practical tips that can be applied immediately to get you going. By elevating your dress-code you will change the quality of interactions, build confidence and stand-out from the pack.

What people are saying…

“Healthi Choices would like to thank you for your wonderful and insightful presentation on style and how our employees can demonstrate their own personal style in a manner that is fitting and aligned with our corporate values.  We have have noticed many of our employees putting in greater effort to their personal image, and we now have a much more elegant workforce”

Michelle Townsend
Human Resources Manager - Healthis Choices

"Janine is an inspiring speaker who motivates positive change in people and their self-image!  I found her presentation fun and exciting where she spoke about REAL people and the problems all of us encounter.  She certainly instils confidence in her audience which inspires them to try the changes and be unafraid to see the best in themselves.  Her presentation style is easy - easy going, easy to understand and easy to action!  I would certainly recommend Janine - not only as a personal stylist but as a great and inspiring speaker as well"

Sarah Bauling
Professional Speaker - Trainer - Authour


The Power of She – A Stylist’s solutions to your wardrobe woes

Corporate presentations
  • Service type: Group Presentation – Gals only
  • Available for national bookings
  • Duration: 60-90 minutes

This presentation is a humorous look at the most common mistakes and habits women make with their wardrobe choices with their related solutions. All my experience as a personal stylist condensed into this quick-fire presentation offering easy to apply practical tips.

This presentation covers:

  • Using personal style to boost confidence.
  • Creating a professional image at work.
  • Identifying and understanding your body shape.
  • Wardrobe and style choices, the best to adopt and the worst to avoid.
  • Style hacks for upgrading your image on a budget.
  • Conquering, sorting and planning your wardrobe.
  • Tips for shopping success.
  • Etiquette for women in the workplace.
  • How to say NO!

Ideal for: Women’s only events.

How to Say No! Elegantly

What people are saying…

“It was my pleasure to participate in a conference entitled Women in Leadership that was hosted by Shared Services at Emperor’s Palace. To my delight, Janine Carley-James, founder of Restyle You was also on the bill of speakers.What a refreshing, practical and fun presentation that packed a punch, as each delegate was challenged to clear out the clutter not only in their minds but in their wardrobes! What followed was a wonderfully, creative invitation to dress for success, make a difference and to find one's own sparkle, while tastefully sprinkled with humour, Impressed!”

Angelique Du Toit
Speaker – Businesswoman – Author

"I was overjoyed by the fact that you were all so excited by Janine's wonderful presentation. The awesome tips and really great ‘eye-opener ideas' were the absolute best."

Zena Sampson
Old Mutual