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About Me

UK born Janine Carley-James comes from a training background achieving the highest accolade with one of the world's largest international training organisations. She has a diploma in alternative dispute resolution and has made a name for herself as a successful personal stylist in Johannesburg.

Coming from a business background, Janine noticed that the road to success was not fair or just.  Hard work, determination and even great talent were often not what gave people their next promotion or determined how well people would achieve.  Instead, it was about an excellent presentation.  This often fell to those who were innately privileged.  The great irony was that those who were so talented they had transcended multiple barriers were often held back while many more average achievers were able to thrive.  Likewise, many excellent companies were left out in the cold while those with excellent presentation stole the show.

As a skilled stylist, Janine was upset by injustice and determined to work towards assisting people to use personal presentation for change.  She began to work on Restyle You; style and transformation services which would leave every person feeling confident and well presented no matter what the nature of their work or lifestyle. While understanding that being able to present yourself well does not make you a more innovative worker, she wanted every person to have access to his/her real potential and see that potential flourish.

Janine shares:  “I don’t have a problem with people from a privileged background taking up high positions.  What I have a problem with is those who are not naturally aware of the dominant culture or those who have not been exposed to good etiquette skills and styling not having an opportunity to shine. I became fascinated with transformation and how this enables every person to have the best chance at success...”

Over the last fourteen years, Janine learned that transformation is about assisting her clients to embrace their differences and share their unique sense of identity.  She encourages her clients to express who they are while understanding and negotiating with company culture.  What began with frustration and upset at injustice has resulted in transformation, promotion and a catalyst for change with those she has worked with.

Over time, her work has expanded.  She now guides staff on all levels of workplace presentation, enabling her clients to work on their own unique brand, talents and achievements.  Her determination to assist each person who approaches her to achieve their best brings her constant pleasure and fuels her passion.  

In her spare time, she enjoys drinking fine red wine, eating good quality chocolate and watching ducks on ponds from the saddle of her mountain bike, although she assures ‘not all at the same time’.