Winter Trends 2017

Personal ShopperAnkle Boots.

Don’t stress! You can still wear knee length boots but ankle boots is where ‘it is at’ this season. This is a pull through from a growing trend last year, making ankle boots THE footwear look this year. The old way of wearing them was teamed with trousers; this is no longer the case. Ankle boots are now worn with dresses and skirts. If you feel they visually ‘cut’ your legs and make them look dumpy, simple wear them with a thick opaque hose in the same shade as your boots (40+ denier) One continuous flow of colour keeps your legs looking long and lean.

Longer length skirts.

Although shorter ‘A line’ skirts paired with thick hose and boots is still a current look, hem lines in general are still migrating down. Lower than midi’s (calve length) you can anticipate a much lower length (just above the ankle) going forward over the next few seasons. Great news for summer skirts if you are unhappy with spider veins and other imperfections.

Crushed Velvet.

‘Dusky pink crushed velvet is everywhere and made up in everything;  you name it, dresses, skirts, tops and unfortunately even thigh length high boots! I love velvet and I don’t dislike dusky pink but together we have a seasonal one hit wonder. Buy one piece, love it and wear it if you must, but be warned it will not have longevity in your wardrobe.

Winter Clothing TrendsOn the upside the velvet trend is also manifesting in the classic colours such as black, midnight blue and ruby red. Spend decent money and buy a classic piece such as a jacket; team with day wear (normal office attire, leggings and even jeans) and low key accessories to add a touch of controlled ‘lux’ during daylight hours. A velvet jacket is a great investment and will give you many years of wear and joy.


They have been around for a few years and I am happy to say I think they have become a wardrobe staple, furthermore as the seasons go on more sophisticated variations are becoming available. Snoods offer all the benefits of a scarf without the ‘How do I tie it?’ factor.

Chunky Sweaters.

Sweaters are the chunkiest they have been in years. Thick knits and Arran weaves abound in the shops. A good selection of wool and cashmere blends are available but by its nature, at a price. Expect to pay R1000 upwards. Wash according to the care label and store next to odourless moth hangers to ensure many years of luxury wear.

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J.C.JamesWinter Trends 2017