Where are the Quality Men?

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It is the month of love; couples are sending each other red roses, chocolates and thinking of ways to pamper their significant other; but what of the singletons out there?

What of the gals that wail, ‘there are no great single guys’.

Are all the good guys gone or are they under our noses and we just don’t know it? Are we sending out the right signals, are we playing our proper role and do we look the part to attract a quality guy?

I can tell you how to dress to make a positive impact that will impress and attract but I can’t tell you the rest, but I know someone who can.  That would be Love Coach, Bonita Grobbelaar, Dating and Relationship Coach, Matchmaker and Owner of MatchVIP.

If you’re interested in finding out how to approach men whilst maintaining your dignity, she is hosting a live event: ‘How to Meet Quality Men’ on Thursday, 3 March at 18:00 at the Bryanston Country Club. Tickets cost R400 per person, only R300 per person if you bring a friend.

She will give you the inside scoop on where to find guys and what to do to let guys feel comfortable enough to chat to you.

Contact Bonita to book and reserve your place. www.matchvip.co.za/events.html

Top 3 style mistakes to avoid on a first date.


  1. Don’t overdo it. By that I mean keep hair, makeup and the manner of your dress simple. If you have long hair, wear it down and natural, not scrapped back in a hair claw! Heavy makeup is a turn off for a lot of guys, keep it fresh and natural looking with a light lip gloss.
  1. Don’t reveal too much, think of your first date as a trailer not the full length feature film.
  1. Wear a dress or skirt that is feminine and fits your personality (but avoid the Barbie Doll look at all cost). No matter what you say, with my many years of styling experience I KNOW most men respond differently to women that look like women rather than ‘one of the boys’.
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