Welcome to the Torture Chamber…..

Welcome to the torture chamber……… also known as fitting rooms. I have decided that the term ‘common sense’ is an oxymoron. An oxymoron is conjoining contradictory terms (as in deafening silence or organic poison) there seems to be nothing common about good old fashioned sense anymore. I am frequently reminded of this when I venture into a fitting room with a client.

A fitting room, should one dare to venture in to one, is where a purchase decision is made; with this in mind you would think retailers would pull out all the stops to make them conducive to a positive buying decision. A person with common sense would ensure a few basics were in place such as, flattering lighting, a realistic mirror as opposed to one that makes you look like an overweight hobbit. A place to put your bag, sufficient number of hooks to hang your selected items, a place to sit down and enough room to ‘swing a dead cat’ should the need arise.

Is this the case?……Noooooooo!!! Instead we have this.

FashionistaFitting rooms are more akin to an interrogation room. In these torture chambers your cellulite will appear to multiple by monstrous proportions, your double chin will double again and your bum will drop 10 inches immediately and all this displayed under ideal lighting for an operation theatre. Why retailers don’t apply just a smidgen of common sense is beyond me. It is worth pointing out that one retailer and I mean a solitary retailer has got it right- bravo to Poetry; a trip to their fitting rooms is a sheer delight. As for the rest, they would benefit by giving me a call so I can go through the retail chapter -fitting rooms 101 with them.

All this said I still strongly encourage you to venture in to these dreadful places…..why? The answer is simple, how else will you know if something fits you. The alternative is to try an item on at home however you will only select a couple of items this way and if they don’t fit or you don’t like them you have to schlep them back to the exchange counter.

Rather take 15-20 items to the changing rooms to try on ( if you are only allowed a limited number in at a time- which is usually the case- leave the surplus with the attendant and swop items over as you try them on)- this will increase your ‘hit’ ratio as you can select and dismiss items on the spot.

  • Take in 2 different sizes of each item so that if your initial selected size is too small/big you have the alternate size at hand.
  • Take in garments you would not normally select, it is often the ‘low hanger’ appeal items that look stunning on.
  • Do not focus in on the area you dislike such as tummy, bum or arms. Stand back and look at the whole image, this is after all what other people are seeing; they are not honing in on one area such as your spider veins.
  • If need be leave the changing room and find a more flattering mirror, sometimes just opening the door and standing further back gives you a better perspective.

If you are unsure if you like an item, you think it is just OK or it will do- DO NOT buy it.

Only purchase items that you totally love or that will have a worthwhile function in your wardrobe.

adminWelcome to the Torture Chamber…..