A Wardrobe Full of Clothes…yet nothing to wear?

I have nothing to wear

Another morning, another yet all too familiar dilemma….What am I going to wear today?

You just don’t understand how you can have so many clothes yet have nothing to wear.

You are not alone; all too many women face this ongoing issue. You keep purchasing clothes yet still feel your wardrobe is lack luster with items and outfits that cloth and cover the body but don’t leave you feeling stylish, confident or attractive.

So what does it take to get a wardrobe you actually like, looks great on you and that comprises outfits for every occasion?

Well the answer is not in the quantity of clothes that much is sure! So stop the impulse buying and let me help you understand what got you in to this predicament in the first place; and what can be done about it.

The problem;

Buying in a rut

If you have 10 pairs of black pants and 30 tops that are just a slight variation on the same theme, you are buying in a rut! Hardly a wonder you feel you have no variety when …..well, you have no variety!

Once you have one sort of top or pair of pants you hardly need another, so don’t buy more. Wait to find something you like that is significantly different to anything else you own.

Duplicate purchases

You may like something so much that you feel you have to grab and buy every color available, but the reality is you will end up predominantly wearing only one of the colors.

Choose the color you feel will be the most useful or the color you were initially attracted to the most; pick it, buy it and forget the rest.

Creating an unbalanced Wardrobe

A wardrobe should reflect your life style proportionately. The needs of a stay at home mum who rarely socializes outside of children’s events are very different from a Sandton banker doing cocktails and wooing clients after work.

The bottom line is your wardrobe should accurately reflect your needs. If your lifestyle breakdown is 60% formal work, 10% smart social events and 30% casual/leisure, then your clothes should mirror this. You may love cocktail dresses but if you don’t go to cocktail parties, what’s the point?

Dull, Dull, Dull!

How can your wardrobe look fresh if all you have is a sea of black with smatterings of grey, brown and stone? Neutral colors are essential but benefit from accent colors.

Get cracking with introducing colors that you like; often these are the colors that compliment you too that is exactly why you are drawn to them in the first place.

Before you buy a single solitary thing again, ask the following:

  1. Do I already own something similar?
  2. How useful will this item be, can I style or combine it with other things I own to create different looks?
  3. Do I LOVE it?

Become a conscience shopper. Just say NO and stop random, arbitrary purchases that don’t excite.

Not only should you actually like everything you buy but clothes also need to ‘earn their keep’ by being either useful, fulfill a specific function or make you feel like ‘a million dollars’…..period!

Stop the mistake purchases, stuffing your wardrobe full of clothes you don’t even like is an almighty waste of money. Get the wardrobe that not only excites you but makes you feel amazing by joining me on an accompanied shop. It’s simply the way shopping should be done; stress free with great results.

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J.C.JamesA Wardrobe Full of Clothes…yet nothing to wear?