Wake-Up your Wardrobe

Clothing StylistMany women start their day off stressed as they contemplate the daily question, ‘what I am going to wear today’; knowing that very soon they are going to have to stand in front of their own over stuffed wardrobe that is full of clothes that don’t fit, they don’t like and don’t wear.

Would it not be a better option to select an outfit from a well organised closet that is home to only clothes that do fit, that you love wearing and make you feel fabulous for the day ahead? Who would not?

However it is January, money is tight so wearing the same dreary clothes, in the same way, is your lot in life, right? No!  The solution of course is to shake up, cull and rethink combinations within your existing wardrobe.

Here is a quick rundown on what I do when I am asked to come in and do a Wardrobe Wakeup.

One item at a time a decision is made as to whether it stays, goes under review or gets put in a donation pile.

Anything that does not fit, you don’t like, is out dated, does not flatter you or is worn beyond repair is on the donation pile.

Items that you love, are useful, flatter you and get compliments, stay.

Items that could possibly be adjusted or teamed with another piece to upgrade the look go on the review pile.

Then, every possible combination of clothes from the keep and review pile is used in as many outfit combinations as possible and captured on individual photo’s, right down to shoes and accessories.

As I work, tips, suggestions, identifying wardrobe gaps are all part of the process.

It means, instead of stressing in front of your wardrobe every morning like a ‘rabbit in the head lights’, you can roll around in bed for an extra 5 minutes, drinking your coffee whilst you select an image from your wardrobe photo album on your mobile. Bliss.

Wardrobe Wake Up- R1500- 3 hour session.


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