The Biggest Mistake That Could Be Holding You Back at Work

Does that promotion constantly elude you as you watch others get elevated to positions you feel you are better equipped for? Despite what seems your best efforts are you missing out on new sales acquisitions or clients. The problem could be the way you are presenting yourself; in short is a shabby or inappropriate image letting you down and retarding your progress.

The biggest mistake people make in the work environment is dressing too casually.

Coorporate imageThis sends out a myriad of messages (none of them usually good) such as:

  • Like my image my work standard is sloppy.
  • I don’t have any ambition.
  • I am not organised, I hurriedly put clothes on but never have the time to get dressed.
  • I can’t wait for the weekend- in fact I am dressing for it now in eager anticipation.
  • I don’t respect myself, my clients or the company I work for.
  • I don’t pay attention to detail.

Being successful means more than just having an excellent image; you need very real skills to back it up otherwise it is nothing more than a mirage. However, having superb skills but an image that conflicts with your skill level creates a very real barrier of perception. Is your image supporting your aspirations and goals?

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