Services Available

Wardrobe Wake-up

  • Service Type: wardrobe detox/consultation – Guys and Gals
  • 2-3 hours, R1900

Are you a hoarder, do you open up the doors of your wardrobe and utter with despair “I have nothing to wear” as your clothes tumble on top of you.

I will help sift and sort your clothes, then using your existing clothes for a new look show you how to co-ordinate, layer and use accessories for maximum effect and variety. So you remember what we have done, I take photos of each outfit so that all you have to do is select the look for the day and away you go.

If you don’t have the variety of clothes to create a workable wardrobe at the end of our sort out, then time will be spent compiling a concise shopping list of items you need to fill your wardrobe ‘gaps’.

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What people are saying…

“Thank you so much Janine! You breathed fresh life into my long rusting wardrobe. I’m so excited about clothes now!”

Sudheera M

“I’m still surprised with all the ideas that you offered with MY normal cupboard.  Wow, now I can also look fantastic with my ‘normal’ clothes.”

Gerda T

“What an education, feeling good, I’m not going to look at myself with the same eyes ever. It was great sorting out decades of negative energy.”

Calvin B

Whirlwind Shop

  • Service Type: accompanied shop – Guys and Gals
  • 2 hours, R1500
  • 3 hours, R1900

Are you tired of wasting valuable money and time on mistake purchases? Are you bored of shopping in a rut? If so, this is for you. The Whirlwind Shop is designed for the budget conscience or time pressured person.

With me by your side you will be introduced to shapes and designs that you wouldn’t normally select, pushing you beyond your normal buying patterns, selecting clothes that flatter, fit and compliment YOU. The result is a positive injection of new and fresh items for your wardrobe.

A whirlwind shop lasts either 2 hours or 3 hours. We shop according to your concerns, body shape, personality and life style requirements. Recommended budget R5000 – R8000.

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What people are saying…

“Thank you so much for a fun shopping experience.  I can’t believe I used the words ‘fun’ and ‘shop’ in the same sentence.”

Gail C

“We’ve all heard that clothes maketh the man… however it was not until I started working with Janine that it became clear to me what this means. Life is full of vicious circles. For example excessive drinking can contribute to excessive smoking, excessive eating and a lack of energy. Anxiety can contribute to increased worrying, lower productivity, a negative mental attitude and low self-esteem.

But for every viscous circle there is a virtuous circle. Janine will help you to unlock these by helping you feel better in your clothes. You will start to feel more confident, you will get lots of compliments, you will become more positive, easy-going and positive change in other areas of your life will get easier. You will become the person that already exists inside of you, and weirdly enough the transformation will start simply with your clothes.”

Jonathan Stilwell – Head: Governance & Sustainability – FCC

“Last night was the first time I actually went out since you helped me buy my clothes, and I just got good compliments. That was fantastic!!!!”

Andre R

Season Sensation

  • Service Type: accompanied shop – Guys and Gals
  • 5 hours, R2750

Do you begrudgingly go to the mall several times over a season in an attempt to source your wardrobe requirements? Free up your time and unburden your frustration by getting your seasonal wardrobe in one shopping session. This is an extended version of the Whirlwind Shop, but don’t stress it is punctuated with rest and coffee breaks. My bet is you will even enjoy the day; who wouldn’t when you have so many fabulous things to take home.

The seasonal shop focuses on covering all your wardrobe needs for either summer or winter. Suggested budget R8000 Upwards

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What people are saying…

“On the first day I launched my new look colleagues were talking about me and one of them asked whether I was going for an interview (she had not seen what I was wearing) and another piped up “hell no, drop dead gorgeous like she’s going on a hot date”

I had to do a twirl several times to show off – how funny!

I absolutely loved the assisted shop and am thrilled to bits with everything purchased.  I might actually get to like this shopping thing; definitely an experience to be repeated.”

Gisela M


The Boutique Tour

  • Service Type: accompanied shop – Gals only
  • 4 hours, R2750

Do you need a gorgeous outfit for a special occasion or simply tired of mall shopping and want to add unique pieces to your existing wardrobe? I will take you on a guided tour of my favourite local designer and privately owned boutique stores.

Shops on this service are selected for their quality ranges that won’t break the bank; along with their friendly, unpretentious service

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What people are saying…

“I LOVE my new clothes and feel so confident! This was the most wonderful experience and worth every cent! Janine has BOUNDS of talent for what she does and she made shopping such fun! She opened my eyes to new styles of clothing for my body and helped me see the value in buying quality clothing. Her motto, which is mine now too, is; “If you don’t LOVE it… don’t buy it!”  You will not regret booking Janine to help spice up your wardrobe and your confidence!! Life Changing!”

Nicole van Rensburg

The Ultimate Shop

  • Service Type: accompanied shop – Gals only
  • 1 day, R3450

Would you like the best of both worlds? This service is a combination of the Season Sensation Shop and The Boutique Tour. We begin our day by checking out the best on offer in the mall after which I take you on The Boutique Tour to source beautiful pieces that simply cannot be found in the regular chain stores.

By combining both services a balance between stylish functional basics and stand out pieces is struck; ideal for building a cohesive and unique wardrobe. Suggested budget R15000 upwards.

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Fashion Stylist


What people are saying…

“I absolutely love my new wardrobe, and so does my hubby. Our CEO asked me yesterday if I’m having an affair. He would normally be shot for saying that, but maybe he is right – it’s just with my wardrobe!”

Beth Kiesette


Quick as a Flash Transformation

  • Service Type: Restyle package – Guys and Gals
  • 1 Day, R3450

Transform your style in one day. This experience starts with a Wardrobe Wake Up session followed directly by a Season Sensation accompanied shop.

After a ‘detox’ session, eliminating the bad, ugly and just plain depressing from your current wardrobe we shop for items that will inject life and excitement into your daily dressing options.

The result: a brand new you. Suggested budget R5000 – R8000

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The Total Top To Toe Makeover

  • Service Type: Restyle package – Guys and Gals
  • 3 sessions, R5950

One of the most popular choices, this package ensures you have a functioning and fabulous wardrobe. This package includes: a Wardrobe Wake Up, the Ultimate Shop with the added bonus of a post shop consultation. During the post shop session I show you how to mix, match and accessorize your new clothes with your existing wardrobe to get the most out of your new purchases. Photos of each outfit are taken so all you have to do is select a look each day.

Conducted over 3 session’s on 3 different day’s means you have the very best experience and result. Makeup and hair sessions are arranged as needed for an additional charge. Suggested budget R15000 upwards.

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What people are saying…

“Thank you for the magnificent two days of shopping and learning. You definitely have a fine talent and have put it to good use on me.”

Michelle Prager

“I have always been a cynic about investing in outer appearance preferring to rely on the inner persona. But the woman within said if I feel awful on the outside maybe it is affecting the inner ‘me’ too.

So, with a hesitant attitude I contacted Janine to help with the ‘outer’. I was the typical jeans and top person. It was safe, all the time. All the time!

So we met for our first shop and I hesitantly started my journey. I will never forget standing amongst all those clothes and Janine whizzing around with passion and enthusiasm choosing items I ‘would never wear’..ha ha, I wear them all the time now!

Janine truly changed my life by giving me clothes confidence which honestly led to so many other beautiful changes in my life.

Janine intuitively knew that by changing my jeans and T shirt to a more feminine way of dressing that it would ignite the woman within, something I so desperately needed. I remain so truly thankful…..”

Denise M



Restyle You Party

  • Service Type: private party – Gals only.
  • 3-4 hours, R2750 for the session.

A great idea for any ‘girlie’ gathering such as book club, kitchen tea, birthday or yearend celebration. It’s a giggle, it’s a laugh as topics such as how to dress for your body type, avoiding common dress mistakes, reveal and conceal techniques and how to shop successfully are covered in a casual relaxed manner.

Maximum 10 gals, to ensure individualised attention for body-shape analysis and style tips.

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Give a Gift

Far better than a pair of socks or box of chocolates, give a unique, memorable gift to a friend or loved one. Select from any of the services available.

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