Stop Skirting the Issue!

I once inquired at a dry cleaners how much it would cost to dry clean a skirt, the response was “I will have to look that one up as woman don’t wear skirts anymore do they?”

Well this woman does and I’m here to encourage you to do the same. Forget your ‘hang ups’, your spider veins, droopy knees or whatever else it is you quote as the reason you don’t wear them. There is a style and length for everyone and there are ways to break the rules. Skirts are always feminine, often flirty and occasionally downright sexy; in short expect men to start opening doors for you.

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Micro mini

Skirt LenghtsJust covers the bum and upper legs so don’t forget to wear knickers and bend from the knees! This length is mostly for gals in their teens to early mid-twenties. If you are a little older and have great legs you can break the rule by wearing a simple tunic top or micro mini shift dress with opaque hosiery and low to flat foot wear.


The more modest version of the micro mini means the age range is stretched. A mini can be as ‘low’ as lower thigh which, when worn correctly, can be acceptable in many work places.

If you have great legs go for it, but as a rough guide the over 35’s generally wear this look best with a simple sophisticated top, rather than for instance, a T-shirt. Remember the shorter the skirt the flatter the footwear should be. High heels, flouncy low cut tops and miniskirts may attract attention you don’t want, like a slow moving car with the window rolled down and a dodgy bloke asking ‘How much love?”

Knee length

Any length that hits the knee (upper, middle, lower) is the most flattering for every leg shape and any age- hurray! Pencil skirts always need a heel, it doesn’t have to be high but a court or cute peep toe sling back work well. Skirts with fullness can be teamed with most shoes from wedges, brogues, flat sandals to block heels.


Skirt lengths that stops below the knee on the calve will make any leg look bigger; which is great if you have spindly legs. This does not mean however that midi skirts should be avoided, they can look very elegant provided you wear heeled footwear for additional height and to visually elongate the bit of leg that is on show. For this reason avoid any design that cuts the foot, such as an angle strap.


It is has for many years been the domain of the old and frumpy, so wear with care. It can however be pulled off and should be pulled off if you are the owner of spectacular angles; it is after all the only part of your leg on show, so all the focus goes there.

This length is usually fuller in design or has slits for ease of movement. Keep the top, accessories and footwear choices ‘style current’ or run the risk of being asked if you have forgotten your Zimmer Frame at home.


Think ‘floaty’, hippy style loose summer dresses and flat leather strappy sandals. It’s a great look for summer picnics, alfresco lunches and holiday gear but not very practical for the office, especially if stairs or escalators are involved.

Did you know hem lines go up and down in accordance with the current economic climate, if you don’t believe me read my article here Skirt Lengths-an economic indicator?

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J.C.JamesStop Skirting the Issue!