Sleeves on Steroids

Sleeves have gone bonkers this spring! Think a mix of The Jackson 5, a flamenco dancer and the 3 musketeers and you might be close.

Now I like drama in a sleeve, I usually prefer my sleeve volume to be controlled with a cuff, but this season loads of volume and no cuff equates to absolute havoc when you are trying to enjoy a nice bowl of chilled cucumber soup, type an email or feed the cat.

That said there are some controlled versions of this sleeve I do like, for instance this rather nice dress from Witchery.

This may or may not be your cup of tea but there are other trends this season I am sure you can conjure up some enthusiasm for such as:

Pastel shades: perfect for darker skin tones, tanned skin and throwing light into wrinkles on the face to make you look fresher and younger (I’M IN!)

One bare shoulder: I have always liked this look; it’s casually chic, flirty and just plain sexy. The best is no one ever complains that they need to lose weight on their shoulders, which means it’s a look everyone can do and feel good in.

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J.C.JamesSleeves on Steroids