Sleep in an extra 10-15 minutes…..every morning

Wardove styling, sort out your wardrobeYes you read correctly…the mornings are chilly, who would not want an extra 10 minutes ‘cosy up’ time. I’m guessing most of us at this point are actually doing this; leaping out of bed at the last possible minute, throwing on the outfit closest to hand (top of the pile)and if we are lucky ploughing out the door with a piece of toast hanging from our mouths,

It does not have to be this way.

I am sharing one tip only this week but it is an important tip and if applied is the difference between the scenario previously described and a situation where you get your extra 10 minutes AND walk out the door stylishly. What I am going to suggest may seem onerous but not only does it work, it works extremely well.

What to wearI challenge everyone over the next few weeks to plan your outfits a week at a time. That’s right once a week plan for the entire week NOT just for the next day.

This is what I do; I take a quick look at the 7 day weather forecast, check my diary and then plan my outfits right down to the shoes, stockings and accessories. I hang each outfit on a hanger along with the jewellery and place the shoes underneath.

Planning a week at a time forces you to become creative and utilise your wardrobe fully; no more flinging on the same old ‘default’ items straight from the wash that are never accessorised or thought out.

Tip: take an item you have not worn for a while but love, be it a necklace, boots or jacket and build a look around it.

Tip: A glass of wine and music will help you muster up the task at hand until it is a habit.


Give it a go….you have to get dressed either way, plan your outfits in advance and truly enjoy that extra little sleep in.

adminSleep in an extra 10-15 minutes…..every morning