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Personal ShopperThe heat of summer is upon us. If you are still sweltering in pants or even worse jeans, please put them aside and invest in a shift dress for a chic cool summer look. This is a resurrected trend form the 60’s and has really taken hold on the retail floor this summer.

A shift dress is a short dress, with or without sleeves that hangs from the shoulders with little or no definition around the waist. This design makes for an extremely comfortable wear with the added benefit of suiting nearly every body type. Try a few on before you select, just because one doesn’t work doesn’t mean none of them will, varying fabrics make for a different fit/feel every time.

Style and fashion always has a history, the shift dress was so called as it reflected a shift in culture at the time. At the tail end of the 50’s, beginning of the 60’s American youth culture was revolutionising and young people began to adopt freer thinking and move away from the socially rigid expectations of the previous decade. The dress represented this ‘freedom’ allowing full expression in movement

Personal ShopperHistory lesson over, now what to team the shift dress with. I have two choices to offer up. The first being the gladiator sandal, you don’t have to go for the design that wraps all the way up the leg. My favourite this season has been from Mimco (stand alone stores and in store at select Woolworths) available in brown or black leather.Personal shopper

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The other alternative is a sneaker for a casual sporty feel. Check out Superga, this Italian brand hands down has the best selection in the country.

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