Which Shopping Mall do you choose?

A successful shop starts with the right destination.

Frustrated, can’t find what you are looking for? The chances are it is available just not where you are shopping.

Shopping at your local mall for groceries is a win but when it comes to your wardrobe, the right mix and selection of shops is critical.

My services offer a range of accompanied shopping in select malls and hand-picked boutiques around the city because a good shop starts with the right venue.

Furthermore, individual shops stock what they think will sell and suit the local market; this is why you will see differences between a well-known store in Brakpan compared to the same brand in Sandton City.

When taking clients shopping I shop in one of three malls around Johannesburg depending on their needs. Here they are and the reasons why:

Sandton City– Sandton: No surprise here, it still holds top ranking in people’s minds as the swanky mall to shop in. Some clients that are not familiar with the mall query the suitability of this venue thinking it is only about extremely expensive stores and ‘koo’ girls.

The high end designer stores are there but so are flagship stores of the brands we are familiar with containing only the best of their latest seasonal range. It is also worth mentioning I only shop with the guys here. It is ‘head and shoulders’ above other malls for men’s apparel.

The downside: If you are a size 16/40+ or need stylish but comfortable footwear the options diminish significantly.

Clearwater Mall- Strubens Valley, West Rand: All the top brands from budget to luxury are represented here. It is a relaxed shopping venue, especially during the week and has a great selection of price friendly, smaller and lesser known boutiques. There are great options for all sizes and is strong on shoe stores.

The downside: the only downside really is travel time for people who don’t live in the immediate area, however because of its location it is often contra flow to traffic which means the distance can be covered quickly.

Mall of Africa-Midrand: The latest addition to the big mall options. All the top brands and flag ship stores are here. The Space, a store offering a good range of local designers and a ‘top notch’ Witchery department in the Woolworths are reasons enough to visit the mall.

The downside: Limited boutique shop options.

Shop the latest styles, save time, save money and look fabulous by booking me as your shopping buddy.

Service Time Fee Suggested Budget
Whirlwind shop 2 hours R1500 R4000 – R6000
Whirlwind shop 3 hours R1900 R5000 – R8000
Seasonal Sensation 5 hours R2750 R8000+


With me by your side you will be introduced to shapes and designs that you probably wouldn’t normally select, pushing you beyond your normal buying patterns. Selecting clothes that flatter fit and compliment your figure means your wardrobe will be refreshed ready for the season ahead.


Contact me for a booking or a list of full services.

Janine Carley- James





J.C.JamesWhich Shopping Mall do you choose?