Power of She

Women’s Month August 2017

I like being a woman. I like feminine things, not in a Barbie doll way, but rather a sophisticated, stylish and dare I say it, occasionally seductive way. Not wishing to deceive you, please do not conjure up images of me always in full make up, figure hugging dresses and heels by day, lacy negligee by night. I can don a pair of jeans ‘sans’ makeup and scrunch my hair into a simple pony tail like any other gal.

But in truth, I do enjoy the pursuit of being womanly. I am financially independent but enjoy male company for what it is, often a different perspective and not in the hope he will pick up the bill. I am strong but enjoy having the door opened for me and luggage transported from point A to B with no effort on my part. Does this diminish my strength and my independence, I don’t believe so.

In a social setting, relatively straight forward up until now but what happens when women enter the work place, often a fiercely male dominated arena.

Over the years I have observed women adapt their feminine selves and mutate it to copy the male, in the false belief that it is required to get ahead and be taken seriously. First to go is the dress, replaced by the masculine suit or trousers. Then the way they interact, speak and hold themselves is also ‘adjusted’. Because this way of being is not true to women’s nature, it becomes an insipid echo of what they were and more importantly the powerful women they could be. In short, they dilute themselves!

We need to claim back our feminine power; not in a forceful, domineering way but in a truthful, unapologetic way.

Claiming our power means not only do we live in harmony with who we are, but everyone, to include the companies we work with, benefit from that magical and complementary mix of both genders being true to their characters.

Loaded with practical, achievable tips The Power of She presentation is designed to reconnect women to dressing stylishly for work; update them on business etiquette for women and give them practical methods on how to say ‘No’ when the situation genuinely calls for it.

Bookings now open for your Women’s day event.

Preview the presentation content here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrN30UwMp00


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