The Mirror- friend of foe?

Clothing stylist, using correct mirrors

Why is it when a man looks into a mirror he sees an Adonis staring back at him but when a woman looks into the mirror she sees only flaws?

Time and time again I observe my clients in a spectacular dress or outfit that I have selected for them as they observe themselves in the mirror. Can they see how good they look? NO! They are too busy staring at a singular point on their body with the focus of a nuclear guided missile. This target point may be their stomach, thighs, spider veins or arms, in other words the bit they are unhappy with, thereby missing the pleasing effect of the full picture ( which is what everyone else sees.

I recently got a video messenger call from my 76 year old mum in the UK. Wearing a dress just delivered from eBay, she was asking my opinion on how it looked, stressing ( showing a profile view) how it highlighted her stomach.

Before you conjure up an image of a decrepit woman, hunched over a Zimmer frame sporting hair with a blue rinse in it, let me put you right.

My mother has a smart phone and several tablets (and has done for many years) she is one of only several in the village, to have had the foresight to install solar panels on her roof.  She owns a 4G flat screen television of cinematic proportions with a sound system to match and has the mental agility that can shut down a person’s line of argument with 3 consecutive well placed questions (2 for a dim witted person or if you are off your  guard).

She also has managed to retain her enviable figure, being a well proportioned modern day size 8/10 (32/34). The new dress from eBay looked spectacular on her!

I on the other hand take after my father’s side.  Let’s just say, had I been born in the 18th century when my kind of figure was celebrated, I would have had my fair share of aspiring artists luring me to their attics with the offer of three pence and a quart of ale to pose for their canvas. As it is wrong century, no artists, no ale.

My point is this, no matter what body shape we have been given, it is ours. Changing it for another shape, return or an upgrade is not an option. So let us own it, love it and make the best of it.

Let us dress our bodies with clothes that flatter and make us feel good. As we gaze into the mirror and take in the whole picture let us also remember to take a moment to be thankful for bodies that work and are healthy.



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