Should I lose weight before booking a personal stylist?

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Should I lose weight before booking a personal stylist?

 Time and time again I hear women say “I’ll lose weight first and then book you for a personal styling session”.

For all the women out there that have uttered or thought along this line, I will say this ‘Drop the ‘fatitude’ and start looking your best TODAY’!

When you postpone looking your best for this or any other reason, you are essentially saying ‘I am not good enough, I do not deserve to look my best and I do not deserve the investment in myself, as I am right now’. This is not only unkind to yourself but also creates a negative thought pattern that can only go one way and that is down, dragging your self esteem with it.

Delaying looking your best can easily translate into months and often years wasted in so many ways and not all of them obvious. When you don’t look and feel your best, confidence erodes, opportunities may come along but because your confidence is low you do not seize them. Your relationships suffer because you do not feel attractive; you decline invitations because you have nothing to wear.

 In short, you have diminished yourself and shrunk your life all because you think you are not worth the investment of a few new clothes.

Why you should book a personal stylist (even when you don’t feel at your best)?

A great personal stylist will select items that flatter your body (make you look trimmer and highlight your good parts); they will also select items that suit your lifestyle and personality. In other words, they will select items that make you look fabulous. When the compliments start rolling in, it will put a spring in your step, improve your posture, put a smile on your face and boost your confidence.

A personal stylist will save you money!

Yes they will! A great personal stylist will recover their fee in Rand value several times over by eliminating mistake purchases and ‘shopping’ a cohesive selection that can be used together in different ways to create many looks out of fewer things.

They will also know where the sales and genuine bargains are to be found, as well as introducing you to shops you would not normally venture into that sell great cost/value vs. quality clothes.

A good personal stylist will always select clothes that fit you now, not for some elusive time in the future. That said, nearly all clothes can absorb a change in weight by 4-6 kg either way. If you lose even more, most clothes may be adjusted and taken in for relatively little cost by a tailor.  Remember also, as style trends change clothes need sorting and updating anyway.

What is stopping you? Get out of your own shadow and look your best NOW!

Bookings now open for Spring/Summer styling and shopping sessions commencing 1st September 2016.

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