Ladies please stop ‘Skirting’ the issue!

Imaging your boss walked in this morning, impeccable makeup, wearing a beautiful dress that highlighted toned shapely legs….. heads are turned in utter amazement…not because the outfit is anything less than stunning but rather that your boss is male. I am sure this would be the talking point for not only the week but years to come. Socially, it is unacceptable for men to dress as women and yet a myriad of women dress like men everyday and nobody blinks an eye.

Why is it we feel compelled, in order to fit into a predominantly male environment, to dress like a guy? Act like a guy, talk like a guy and conduct business like a guy? It is unbecoming and it diminishes our power as women.

I am not one to easily stereotype but generally speaking men have certain skills that they excel at, as do women. Both skill sets are of enormous value to any corporate or place of work when mutually acknowledged and appreciated.

Let us women stand up in our dresses and skirts and be proud of what we offer and who we are; and maybe just maybe, as we go out into this brave new world looking like ladies we will be treated as such too.

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adminLadies please stop ‘Skirting’ the issue!