It’s a wrap

It’s a wrap.

Our physical bodies may be at work but for many of us our minds are gearing down to holiday mode. For some that means sunny skies and sandy beaches for others it may be taking advantage of a quiet city and enjoying home life.

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Holiday mode doesn’t mean tatty shorts and crocs can officially come out and play but rather that you swish around in relaxed stylish looks, after all what better time to chill and look great at the same time.

If you are going away don’t make the mistake of cramming a suit case full of stuff with no planning whatsoever. This becomes an unnecessary burden and adds stress to what should be a relaxed carefree time.

Take a few moments to plan so you don’t have to wake up on holiday and contemplate ‘what do I wear today’? only to discover nothing you packed actually works together.

Pack only crease resistant items that can be unpacked, hung and ready to wear.

It is also helpful to work with a neutral colour palette for basics such as shorts and trousers with one or two accent colours for tops, this way you can combine, mix and match everything you pack in different ways.

Beach holiday packing list.

  • Personal Shopper2x swimsuits/bikinis
  • 2x beach wraps or cover ups
  • Beach towel and beach bag
  • 2 X flirty light weight summer dresses
  • 1 X dress suitable for going out to dinner ( 2 more if you are going to a swanky overseas hotel)
  • 1 x Clutch bag
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • 2 X Shorts
  • 6 X Summer tops
  • 2 X Light weight trousers
  • 1 X light weight summer cardigan
  • 1 X Light rain jacket
  • 1 X Jeans
  • 1X Heeled sandals
  • 1 X Walking shoes/sandals ( suitable for sightseeing)
  • 1X Metallic flats
  • 1x Beach slops.

Assorted accessories, to include 2 light weight summer scarves for cool days, protection against harsh sunlight or when visiting different cultures to show respect by covering your arms and neck in public places.

Always travel out with space in your suitcase, after all who knows what lovely local pieces you are going to stumble across that needs transporting home.

Have fun, relax and chill.

Catch you on the other side.

adminIt’s a wrap