How the weak rand can motivate improved style choices

The rand is at an all time low; this is going to impact the cost of all imports to our shores; which inevitably is reflected on the price tag.

Retailers have a few options before them:

  • Increase the price in line with new exchange rates.
  • Stop importing the item on the basis that the market cannot support the new pricing structure.
  • Import substantially lower cost items (read lowered quality) and retail at current prices.

None of these options seem particularly attractive to me. The time is right to re think the way we shop for our style (and everything else) and claim some of the purchasing power back.

Here are my tips:

  1. Shop with a stylist. This is not a marketing ploy. Time and time again my clients report back how much they have saved by booking the expertise of a stylist. Zero purchase mistakes and not feeling compelled to shop again throughout the season equates to big Rand savings (why would you shop again when you have everything you need, it all works together and you look fabulous in it).

A stylist worth their ‘salt’ knows that quantity is not the’ way to go’ but rather well chosen pieces that co ordinate together in different ways.

  1. Use your current wardrobe to full capacity. Set aside some time and reacquaint yourself with your wardrobe. What do you have that you have forgotten about? Rethink how you pair things together to create new looks, use magazine images to inspire new ideas if you feel stuck.

If this sounds too arduous a task, simply book a Wardrobe Wakeup session. In 2-3 hours we will not only have your wardrobe assessed and sorted but all possible outfits and style choices paired and captured on individual pictures for you to review when you are deciding ‘what am I going to wear today’.

  1. Delve in to your mothers, aunts or grandmother’s wardrobe- with their permission of course. Is there an excellent quality garment in great condition that is completely out dated but could be re modelled for an up to date look? Sometimes this can be as simple as shortening a hem, or altering the neck line.

 I purchased this dress in a Kalk Bay vintage shop last year but was never happy with the unflattering sleeve length. I took it in to my dress maker and asked her to remove the old sleeve, retain the cuff, insert full volume chiffon sleeves and reattach the cuff. Not only am I delighted with the result but I now have a completely unique dress. It has survived in good condition since the 1960’s; it now has a new lease on life for many years to come in my wardrobe. Which nicely brings me on to……

Image consultant

  1. Shop vintage and second hand. If you think this is below you, get over yourself! You are missing out on superior quality garments, often at a snip of a price. Provided the item is in good condition with no stains or obvious signs of wear and tear; buy it, wash it and wear it!

Shopping less but acquiring the right items not only impacts your purse less but also our planet…come on girls let’s rethink how we buy our style and start saying NO to frenzied, mistake, low quality fashion purchases at ridiculous prices. Just because the rand is weak doesn’t mean our style should be.

adminHow the weak rand can motivate improved style choices