The Hidden Taboo of the Tattoo

I’m all for self-expression and being uniquely you. This can be accomplished in many ways from how you communicate, your way of being in the world and how you physically represent yourself through etiquette, dress and style.

We evolve individually through our natural life; my suggestion therefore, is that self-expression should not be of a permanent nature, such as in the form of tattoos.

A rising phoenix on your back when you are 30 years old may well look like a half limp sparrow when you are 65.

I’m flabbergasted how many people have their children’s names tattooed on themselves. If you have bouts of forgetting your off-spring’s names can I recommend you make a note on your mobile so you can refer to it should you unexpectedly bump into them around the house and their names elude you.

Even worse having the name of a boyfriend/girlfriend inked on your skin, partners change, indeed  as do husbands and wives.

I have seen a few tattoos that must have seemed like a good gag at the time such as;

  • ‘Made in England’ spotted on the back of a neck.
  • A clumsy inked comical rabbit eating a carrot.
  • ‘Keep off the Grass!’ inked just above a pubic hair line; ok so I heard about this one.

Why not relate a great joke instead of being the joke.

Tattoos are not restricted to images on your body but also come in the form of permanent make up; for instance tattooed eye liner. This makeup look is on trend now, however fashion is fickle and it will change; for all we know the ‘naked eye’ look is just around the fashion corner. We don’t have to think that far back to remember the trend of lip liner darker than the natural colour of your lips, fashionable then, ghastly now.

OK I get it, getting Ink is the thing to do right now but I’m also a mature female who still feels they look common no matter how well they are done and I’m not alone.

I know of a Scuba diving professional who was hired in the Maldives but told that he must ALWAYS wear long sleeves so that guests never see his ink. Not much fun when you are in 34 degrees and 100% humidity. Simply put, in their opinion, a tattooed person was not of the caliber, guests of this island resort should be overtly subjected to.

I’m not a professional futurist but I will bet money against an emerging and lucrative skill and that is the art of tattoo removal. I am confident in my prediction in the knowledge that, many decisions we make, we learn to regret with the passage of time and changing social trends. Bell bottom jeans used to be cool for goodness sake! Unlike them however, tattoos cannot be removed and discarded as easily.

In short tattoos may be ‘on trend’ now but what of future trends? There are many other ways to express your values and personality. For this reason I encourage you to keep your skin a blank canvass and think before you Ink!







J.C.JamesThe Hidden Taboo of the Tattoo