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Here it is my final instalment on Spring/Summer trends 2014.


This is the trend that just will not go away; blue and white stripes are everywhere. The good news is this year it is more sophisticated and grown up. Avoid the naff factor by NOT accenting the look with predictable red, the way to wear the trend in 2014 is to accent with eye popping yellow; think belt, necklace, shoes or bangles.

Contrary to popular belief stripes do not necessarily make you look bigger or wider, in fact they can be very complimentary, especially when the stripes are diagonal or a mixture of widths and colours or shades as illustrated in this deceivingly flattering summer soft jersey dress by Hermanna Rush (R790 available from me)Personal Shooper helps you pick your summber dress.


Highlighter colours in yellow, pink and green, are making appearances on collar trims, t-shirts and jewellery. It’s fun and funky and will give a major colour boost to any outfit.

Picture twoAnimal Prints.

Just when I thought this trend will die its natural and long overdue death, it has been reinvented. This time it is animal print in yellow, blue, green in other words anything other than a natural colour such as black or brown, so brown leopard print ‘OUT’…green leopard print ‘IN’.

Cat suits/Jumpsuits

All in one shorts and trouser suits in soft summer fabrics abound. If you are old enough think flash back to ‘Charlies Angels’.

Way back in the day I had a great black number with diamantes from wrist to wrist across the bodice and that quite frankly is where my cat suit days started and ended, never to be resurrected again. Having said that I recently put a client in one and it looked spectacular, so give it a whirl. Everyone should try this look once in their lives, even if it doesn’t make it outside the confines of a changing room and to the pay point.

In general the casual look for spring/summer is loose and unstructured, with slouch pants and easy wear tops.

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