Hair Raising Blunder

Oh dear, a style faux pas seems to be reaching epidemic proportions. This style disaster comes in the form of the hair claw. The hair claw could potentially be a wonderful hair accessory if A) it is pretty to look at or B) it is used in hair that has been styled.

The truth is most of these claws are an eyesore and used in hair that has been hurriedly scrunched back, which is perfectly acceptable for the confines of your bathroom when bathing or having a shower but NOT for any other situation.

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Cast your mind back to Sex in the City when Carrie had an argument with her boyfriend that no native New Yorker would wear a scrunchy (elastic with ruffled fabric) In my opinion a scrunchy and hair claw share the same taste level when it comes to hair accessories; put simply- the hair claw is for hair what crocs are for feet.

There are plenty of pretty hair clips that could be used instead, buy a few and next time you visit your hair stylist take them in and ask them to show you various simple ways to style your hair using them.

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