Forget New Year’s Resolutions-Think Expiry Dates

I spent the first few days of the New Year in a rather untypical way. Unlike many others I did not take time to nurse a hangover or set New Year’s Resolutions but cleaned out my food cupboard and bathroom cupboards.

I was horrified at the amount of stuff unused or partially used that had passed its expiry date; some items not by a few weeks but even months and years!!!! Being a bachelorette means my food cupboard can go months with doors left unopened; on occasion taking a good squirt of WD40 to prise them open.

All those things, that had I taken more consideration at purchase point I may have left on the shelf or at the very least passed on to someone who would have made use of it prior to the expiry date. Things I thought I would use, spent good money on ultimately contributed to the contents of an overstuffed bin liner instead.

So instead of providing glib advice on how to make and maintain New Year’s resolutions let me offer this up instead.

Clothing restyling

What in your life has passed its expiry dates? Not just the physical things like a skirt that is old fashioned or an overall personal style or look that you no longer like but also the emotional and time consuming things as well, maybe a club, relationship or commitment that is no longer a fit…for 2016 my suggestion is ditch it and replace it with something ‘In date’, alternatively don’t replace it at all and enjoy the new space that less will bring. Use your time and resources for things that really matter.

Let us go into 2016 mindfully, take stock of the contents of our life, ditch what no longer serves us and has passed its expiry date, focusing on what does with the knowledge that just like casting your contented eyes over a recently tidied cupboard; our lives will feel renewed too.


Recommended reading: This Essentialism-The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg Mc Keown

The disciplined pursuit of less


adminForget New Year’s Resolutions-Think Expiry Dates