Frequently Asked Questions


Take a look at all the items in your wardrobe that still have a price tag on them, now identify all the things that you don’t even like, now for the items that you have nothing to pair with. Finally, calculate how much you spent on those mistake purchases…..enough said

Girl… you just have to drop the ‘fatitude’. This would be a mistake! How long have you wanted to lose weight or get in to shape, invariably that translates into months and years you have postponed looking your very best right now. You deserve to look great today, not some illusive time in the future.

If you body size does change remember clothes may be adjusted and taken in for relatively little cost by a tailor, also as style trends change clothes need sorting and updating anyway.

I have had guys and gals from 17-74, most however fall in the 35-55 age range and come from varied cultural backgrounds, shapes, sizes and lifestyles. I have restyled stay at home mums, corporate managers, entrepreneurs, even an undertaker who arrived for the shop in her hearse -minus a body I am glad to report!

Despite the differences, there are common factors; they dislike shopping (most use words such as hate, loath etc) they lead busy lives and are time stressed; they often don’t understand how to dress for their body shape and feel disconnected from current trends. Others book because they are approaching a significant life shift such as a ‘landmark’ birthday or change of job.

I live in Joburg, so if the e-toll system can get me there my Individual Restyle You services are available to you….. and we all know how far and wide that is!!!!

My corporate services are available both nationally and internationally.

So many feel this way and it explains why we have a nation that buys their clothes whilst they are doing their grocery shopping!

Jokes aside, many boutiques offer surprisingly competitive prices, excellent value for money and friendly service.

My philosophy is to browse all shops that may have an item or two that would work for you, this would include all the well known chain stores and yes, with me at your side, we will venture in to price friendly boutique and specialised stores too.

This depends on what your wardrobe shortfalls are, but more importantly, what you can comfortably afford. I have given recommended budgets for each Restyle You service, however this is not’ written in stone’ and I firmly believe in not unduly stretching yourself financially.  So whatever your budget, be it three thousand rand or unlimited, rest assured, it will be spent wisely.

I endeavour on our Restyle You experience to impart as much information as possible to enable you to do this. I show you shapes and designs that will flatter your body shape and enhance your best features, whilst disguising the bits you would rather not be on show.

That said many clients book two shopping sessions a year with me to keep their wardrobes current. Once you have done your first Restyle You experience, you will understand why.

I know that many stylists and personal shoppers will do a colour analysis and then proceed to give you a swatch of colours to match up to garments in the shops.

This is a twofold problem, first you have to find those exact tones (shops tend to stock a small range of colours for the season which is tough luck if your colours are not on-trend) and secondly, you have to find one of your colours in a design you like.

My personal feeling is this is not a very realistic approach. How to check if a colour works for you is part of every Restyle You session, it is not only practical but idiotically simple when you know how.

Yebo yes. All of my services, with exception of the Restyle You party which is a gals only event,  are available for guys.


Modern day etiquette is far more than basic table manners and politeness our parents taught us. While many of the basics do remain the same, to succeed in this modern day world and stand out for all the right reasons we need skills and guidelines that our parents couldn’t possibly impart because technology and methods of communication have evolved so much since then.

We may think we know the correct way of doing things but time and time again the reality proves otherwise, as we make blunders that cost relationships and even jobs.

Anything does go and the world is not a better place for it!  People often loose self control, their temper and their reputation. The world is a harsh and aggressive place; however the goal is to restore manners back into a young society one example at a time, one person at a time.

A person who is polite, pleasant to be around, someone who considers the other persons comfort is sure to be welcome and succeed in any situation. Excellent personal brands and reputation are built on the foundation of etiquette and catapult a person ‘streets ahead’ of any competition.

Modern day etiquette is not about acting POSH or superior, quite the opposite. It is about creating a great experience around your every day interactions. It is about including people and being professional whilst warm and friendly.

Anyone can have fine, unaffected manners. These skills are consciously learnt; with time and practice they are entrenched into habit and become unconscious practice.