Face the Bare Fact….

Make Up on personal shopper…..most of us benefit from a little makeup. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for going au natural and giving my face a rest from cosmetics when I can. However, the reality is that most days I feel I have to apply a bit of ‘spit and polish’ before taking my face on a walkabout.

It is incredibly easy, if you are in a casual environment and settled in at work or not working and a stay at home mom, to forgo the makeup completely; after all ‘who is there to impress’?

Remember the primary and most important person we dress for is ourselves. Care and attention to the way we dress and the finishing touches, such as makeup, do go a long way to boosting our confidence and more importantly reflect how we value ourselves.

If you are currently leaving the house with a nude face or if you have not updated your makeup in several years (yes makeup looks and trends evolve just like clothes do) then it is time to plonk yourself down at a makeup counter and get updated.

My minimalistic face consists of BB cream, mascara, neutral eye shadow and a lip tint (doubles up as a blush) or lipstick, all of which can be applied well within 5 minutes. This is my ‘go- to’ look ideal for the days I am out and about shopping with clients.

My full makeup look would be for days I have company meetings or presentations, then I would substitute a BB cream for a foundation, add full eye makeup and blush; which I have to confess takes a whole 10 minutes to applyJ My point is this, makeup application shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes in the real world, so wearing or not wearing makeup is really an attitude stance.

Oh for sure makeup consultants will prance and preen around you for a full 45 minutes perfecting your face and promoting products you didn’t even know existed, so be sure to stick to your makeup shopping list if you want to avoid a hefty bill and brief them clearly on your needs, such as a 5 minute application regime.

I love the following:

  • Mac for eye shadows-their colours are true and intense, so a little goes a long way.
  • Ester Lauder lipsticks.
  • Bobby Browns BB cream also Garnier, available from Clicks or Dischem produce a great BB cream for a fraction of the price.
  • Maybelline mascara –I’ve tried a range of expensive brands but truly cannot see a discernible difference when it comes to mascara.

If you are price conscience, then Revlon and Maybelline offer great price verses quality options.

You wouldn’t dream of going out the door naked……. so don’t let your face eitherJ


adminFace the Bare Fact….