Duplicate Purchases

So a miracle happened, you went shopping and actually found something you liked…oh joy of joys. It gets even better as you discover the item you actually like is available in several colours. As happy and buoyant as a spring lamb you trot to the pay point to pay for your items; three or four items being the exact same thing just in different colours.

Sorry to disappoint, but no ‘pats on the back’ from me. By all means buy the item, however I cannot stress this enough, just the one item in your ONE preferred colour, all others stay on the rack.

Fashion Stylist

It may sound harsh but the reality is if you don’t discipline yourself in this way you will end up with a wardrobe full of the same thing with no variety, no scope and no interest.

Refocus your thoughts on getting unique individual pieces that will serve a variety of occasions and meet the full range of activities and wardrobe needs your life demands. A wardrobe full of black pants, shirt tops and all too similar shoes is incredible limiting. Your wardrobe should consist of skirts, tops, dresses and pants which are all flattering yet significantly different and can be combined in creative and different ways.

Next time you pick up the same item in different colours, please hear my voice and words ringing in your head….”choose one colour, now swiftly move away”.

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