Ditch the Kitchen sink

Are you a plumber? No, then why do so many women insist on carrying the ‘kitchen sink’ around with them in a hefty burdensome bag full of goodness knows what! I often say that a state of a girl’s wardrobe is a reflection of the state of her life; I believe this whole heartedly.

Chances are if you have an upside down disorganised wardrobe then your life is most like ‘topsy turvy’ too. Just as a wardrobe is a reflection of your life, your handbag is a ‘snapshot’ of your wardrobe.

Organising your wardrobe is admittedly, a job that will take anything from 3 hours to a whole day. If this is too daunting a task let’s take baby steps and get your handbag sorted out and if need be, upgraded.

Before we get started remember your bag is not meant to be a black hole or vortex where you drop things in never to be found again, rather a practical and stylish accessory; a means to carry only the items that are necessary and useful as you go about your day to day activities.

Here’s what to do:

Turn your bag upside down and empty the contents on to a tray.

Give the bag a good shake to get the dust and debris out.

While the bag is empty, clean the bag with a leather cleaner (available from Green Cross) or a damp cloth for synthetic materials.

Suggested items to go back in the bag (tailor succinctly to your own needs)


Purse (which has also been organised and slimmed by removing, all ‘brown coins’ old receipts and any inactive store or reward cards)

Small makeup bag to hold only items essential for a quick touch up, for me this is a small compact mirror, comb, nail file and 2 lipsticks (I sometimes like to change colour during the day)

Personal Shopper

Tablet/IPAD– I consciously selected a bag friendly 7 inch tablet so I would have my ‘life’ at hand any time of day.


Business cards

Survival kit in its own separate makeup bag:

  • Plasters- I have feet prone to rubbing- especially useful if you are wearing new shoes.If I am travelling I pack travel pumps that concertina down into a small pouch.
  • Tissues
  • Required medication or supplements- only enough for the day not the whole bottle
  • Knee high stockings- this is a winter addition, just in case you need to try shoes or boots on.

Keeping your bag edited, with smaller items organised in to one or two makeup bags means you will always find what you need quickly and are more likely to change bags with outfits.

If you are a one bag girl my suggestion is to invest in a good quality leather bag in a light neutral shade such as stone or grey.

Personal Stylist

Trenery, Country road, Fossil and good luggage stores are good places to start your search. Before purchasing check the inside for suitable amount of compartments, a secure zip up or close function to keep contents secure, also check if it comes with a shoulder strap.

Finally do try it on by placing it in your normal carrying position and check it out in a mirror. Do you love it on you? If not, carry on the search.

Remember one good quality bag will uplift and stylishly supplement most outfits. Additionally, with proper care (regular cleaning, not overloading) will last many years, long after your grubby kitchen sink bag as had its day.

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