Closet Constipation

Is your closet suffering from constipation, things are going in but nothing is coming out? With the change of season, now is the time to purge and edit your wardrobe?

There are many reasons wardrobes get blocked, the time to sift through and sort is one and not wanting to come face to face with purchase mistakes and clothes that no longer fit are others.

However, the benefits of having a neat, organised wardrobe far outweigh the time invested getting it sorted.

Having to deal with the ‘What am I going to wear today?’ question is stressful enough without trying to put an outfit together from an overstuffed, disorganised closet. The result of a constipated wardrobe is usually putting on whatever tumbles out on top of you first or what I call your default outfits, same pants with the same boring top and so on.

What to wearThe goal is to create a neat wardrobe that is a pleasure to plan outfits from, that inspires you to get creative and try different combinations using your own clothes for different looks.

Step 1- Sift and sort.

When I do a Wardrobe Wake Up every single item is put into1 of 3 piles being Keep, Donate or Not sure.

Keep– all items that you wear regularly, anything you love and makes you feel great. Items you are complimented on when you wear them. Useful ‘connector’ basics such as camisole tops, polo necks etc provided they are in good condition.

Donate– Anything that doesn’t fit…if it is going to take a bottle of baby oil, a sauna and an act of God to get in to it, it should not be in your wardrobe plain and simple. If you do lose weight isn’t it better to treat yourself to a few new clothes instead of wearing old items that have been depressing you and taking up valuable wardrobe space for goodness knows how long.

Also on the donate pile goes anything that is obviously outdated, is showing signs of wear and tear, you simply don’t like any more, doesn’t make you feel nice or flatters you, anything given to you that is not your ‘cup of tea’ and finally all your mistake purchases. Mistake purchases often have their price tags still on or have only been worn once or twice.

Not sure– Anything that doesn’t belong in one of the two piles can temporarily be placed here to await its fate. Typically clothes that you think you may wear one day or clothes you used to wear a lot may find themselves in this ‘purgatory’ pile.

Try on each item and decide. Do you love it or do you think it’s not bad? The love it items clearly has to stay, the not bad items can also stay but here is the deal, you have to wear each item within one month. One day of wear and how you feel in it will determine whether it’s a keeper or not.

Here is proof that I practice what I preach- the donation piles from my own recent wardrobe sort out, comprising predominantly of things that don’t fit or I’m simple over and done with.

Personal ShopperStep 2- Organise and display

Having streamed lined your wardrobe it’s time to repack and organise. Hang and cluster all your dresses together, skirts, pants and tops. I have a separate hanging space and shelf space for sloth and exercise gear.

T shirt style tops, jerseys and scarves can be neatly stacked on shelves but ensure you can see a slither of each item for easy selection.

Feel free to subdivide each section according to colour and/or style, for example, all camisoles together, all polo necks, short sleeves t shirts etc.

Using drawer dividers mean stockings, underwear and all other small items can be organised with military precision too.

Don’t forget to display accessories for easy reach on trays, jewellery trees or clear pouch hanging organisers.

Everything, including bags should be placed on shelves that are within easy reach. Out of reach shelves are for items you rarely or occasionally use such as luggage or the stored out of season clothes.

Felicia SuttleThe result is a wardrobe that is a pleasure to ‘visit’; a wardrobe that you can see everything you own and choose from easily, allowing you to streamline your selection first thing in the morning, a good thing, not so?

Clothing stylistIn Review

In-between my one on one/ personal services, I have been a panelist at The Women in Leadership Conference organised by Future Life, chaired by the wonderfully friendly and charismatic Felicia Suttle.

Presented my topic Trashy to Trendy at the Blu-Symmetry event’ Red My Lips’ organised by the lovely Charmaine (owner) to benefit POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) I met John Robbie of Talk Radio 702, who was highly complementary and conveyed his surprise at enjoying my ‘ladies talk’ so much.

I also presented Style and Grooming for your Career to 150 bright young graduates from Future creation, here posing with the guys from that group.


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