Can you turn back the clock on aging?

Helen Mirrem, Judy Dench are living proof that it is, both seemingly improving with age in looks and style whilst apparently not succumbing to the surgeon’s knife. ‘That’s all well and good’ you may say ‘they are international actresses with access to the best dieticians, trainers and styling experts’.

In this age of technology and information I would argue a lot of the resources afore mentioned are not only available to the mere mortal but these resources are often free.

So instead of throwing the towel in and accepting our face and body will look old and decrepit with an attitude to match, why not change the way we think? Why not imagine ourselves looking fabulous, skidding sideways in to our grave with laughter lines and a life well lived behind us.

As I myself approach my 50th, the topic of aging well is one I have given much thought to; the answers to which I have broken down into doable steps to implement and action, all of which will be presented during my August 2015 Women’s month presentation The Wardrobe Warrior.

Bookings are open for group or company National Women’s month events.

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adminCan you turn back the clock on aging?