Be your own Valentine

February 14th, the day to celebrate LOVE. The day when your loved one lavishes you with gifts and treats to your heart’s content, reminding you how cherished you are and appreciated.

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If this sounds familiar then congratulations you have a great man by your side, however this is not the case for all women whose best case scenario is an overpriced meal in an overcrowded restaurant or maybe just a bunch of half wilted roses bought from a vendor on the way home.

Jokes aside, at what point does the romance fade, only to be resuscitated one day a year at best? At what point does being an over worked mother or a taken for granted partner, replace being a sensual, feminine woman?

The answer is simple, but probably not easy to hear. This happens when you stop seeing yourself as sensual and feminine and let other commitments and relationships over take your own sense of self.

Becoming a doormat is not the way to go. You may think putting others above your own needs renders you unselfish, but over time it will only render you bitter and resentful.

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Understand that whilst doormats are highly useful and excellent for wiping ones feet on every day, they are not respected or appreciated! So don’t be surprised when you start getting kitchen appliances instead of a weekend away for birthdays or wilted roses instead of lingerie on Valentine’s Day.

If this resonates a new formula needs to be put in place, one that still involves caring for and loving the special people in your life but not at the exclusion of yourself. Put yourself back in the mix, nurture your needs and reset your boundaries.

A great way to get started is to buy yourself a beautiful set of lingerie this Valentine’s Day. Yip you read right, irrespective of whether you are married, in a relationship or single say YES to reconnecting to femininity by purchasing a lovely lingerie set for you, from you!

Another thing, don’t save it for a special occasion, consider it every day wear, even if you wear a uniform or no one else will see it; nothing quite gives a girl a sashay to her walk than sensual lingerie.

Latest trend alert: Doormat status is out, Goddess status is in.

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