Are you Nice…….?

Image stylingI am going to ask the question again in a moment, this time more specifically but first let me explain what prompted my asking this.

Last year I was on an accompanied shop with a lovely lady called Sonet, I was explaining to her that I often spend time at the beginning of a shop informally counselling women on the benefits of investing in themselves; here is the catch…..guilt free investing.

Not always, but more times than I care to remember, by the time women book my services the situation is desperate. Years of putting themselves bottom of the list- if at all, as taken its toll and standing before me like a ‘rabbit in the headlights’ is a woman that has lost her identity with self esteem levels at rock bottom.

Sonet turned around to me and said something so simple yet I thought profound. She said “Well that is just not being nice to yourself” So here is my question again “Are you nice to yourself?

Everything you do, say, even think should be measured against this simple question.

Think about your internal dialogue with yourself- are you being nice to yourself?

Do you nurture yourself, feed yourself well and get adequate rest?

Do you spend time with friends having a giggle?

Do you invest in your image so you can step out feeling confident knowing you look your very possible best that day? Or do you delay waiting for a time in the future when you have lost 5,10,15 kg?

Day by day your life is seeping away; don’t let another day go by without guiding your thoughts and actions by the simple bench mark question ‘Am I being nice to myself?’

This year I have an informative, practical and fun talk designed especially for August 2014 being women’s month, during this talk I will give you the 10 steps for improving body image and self esteem, along with tips on avoiding common dress mistakes, organising your wardrobe and how to shop successfully.

Please forward to the relevant person in your organisation; it’s a great way to celebrate and acknowledge the fabulousness of women.Key Note speaking about image styling

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