About Me

Personal StylistI was born and raised in the UK, finding my way to South Africa’s sunnier shores in my early 20’s.  My British accent has never left me but my heart has long been seduced by this wonderful country and people.

My informal training started as a child back in the UK. As soon as I could pick up a pencil and sketch I would ‘design’ dresses that I would hand over to my mum to make. She soon wised up and by the time I was 12, I was making my own clothes.

I always had an interest in fashion and style but life initially took me on a different road. During my 30’s and early 40’s I was a professional trainer and speaker, experience which now serves and supports my corporate Restyle You services and workshops.

Finally, 12 years ago, I felt the need for a career change, so using my dress making knowledge and natural ability for proportion and colour,  I started to successfully dress women and men of all shapes, sizes and ages for their own unique personalities, budgets and lifestyles.

It wasn’t long before companies started asking me to present on employee image and discuss the importance of creating a professional impression.

Many years down the line it still brings me enormous enjoyment to be the catalyst by which my clients discover their own style and re tune their personal brand. The transformation process each of them undergoes and ensuing gratitude constantly fuels my pleasure and passion.

Enough about me, take your next step by selecting one of my Restyle You services because now it is all about YOU.

 Keynot Speaker