6 Effective ways to clear JUNK from your life

The last one you can do immediately.

Junk: Informal term for something of useless or little value.

6 Effective ways to clear JUNK from your lifeWe wear it, surround ourselves with it, watch it and even eat it! Quite frankly, I’ve had enough!

Smothering ourselves in every conceivable form of junk often leaves us with an enduring feeling of suffering a slow suffocating death.

It is so prolific, so rammed down our throats, so cleverly made to look attractive that not only have we become compliant consumers but also dedicate our valuable time and resources to get more of it.

There is a small but growing body of people who are saying enough is enough! Some of the items on this list I have conquered, others are a work in progress but steps are being made and I feel better for it.

1.  De clutter your home.

‘If you want to get out of a hole, stop digging’. Stop bringing junk into your home. Anything from kitchen gadgets that you will not use after the novelty has worn off, to duplicate purchases because you don’t know where the original one is, to random leaflets picked up from punters on street corners. Start by stopping the input!

Systematically work through your home ditching or donating anything you don’t love or is useful. We have our very own home grown guru on the subject in the form of Kate Emmerson.

2.  Detox your wardrobe.

If it is going to take divine intervention, a sauna and a liberal dose of baby oil to get into an item of clothing, get rid of it. If you lose weight you will buy a few new quality items. You won’t want to wear the old stuff from years ago when you were a skinny wench. Other items that should be donated are things you don’t like or are outdated. If this is too daunting a task, get me in to assist with a Wardrobe Wakeup.

3.  Radically reduce junk food.

Going ‘cold turkey’ puts the body into shock and is not sustainable for most of us mere mortals. Cut out one, maybe two junk or unhealthy food items to start with and make progressive smart adjustments as you begin to feel physically better.

4.  Ditch junk TV and social media exposure.

Vikings series 4- seriously how much rape and pillage can a person take? Likewise, mindless posts and pouting lips are hardly enriching your life, stop the rot and allow yourself 30 minutes daily, split in two sessions to post, interact, share, like and save quality articles for future reading.

5.  Let go of toxic relationships.

They are, Sarah the complainer who you have known since school, a friend who always drags you down with negativity or the significant other that tries to control and suppress your dreams and ambitions. If the relationship is not working and can’t be fixed with joint effort and genuine willingness; then ‘roll credits, draw the curtains’ and move on.

6.  Clean your mouth out with soap.

Stop swearing. In my opinion swearing means either your IQ is such that it allows for a limited vocabulary only, that you have no self control or live and interact with low standards. Swearing is not funny, isn’t impactful and is simply ‘low class’.

Light, enriching, quality is my mantra this year. There are many benefits to living a cleaner, de-cluttered life style – junk free.  Mostly, it is just a more gracious and elegant way to be.









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