50s Skirt Flash Back.

It has been a few years since we have seen a significant change in silhouette but it is most certainly heading our way Spring/Summer 2015 in the form of the 50s full skirt.

Dress for successI came across an old 40/50s dress maker’s pattern showing the design in its original form; those were the days of nipped in waists and full dramatic feminine skirts. They were also the days pre chocolate brownie and full cream cafe latte for breakfast and let’s speak frankly, our waists today are sadly somewhat thicker as a result.

Take heart, the 2015 take on the 50s skirt will not have nearly as much volume as the original had but a full skirt it will be none the less; certainly compared to what we are used to.

How to wear the look: The waist band is meant to sit on the waist (thinnest part of your torso) not your navel. The skirt lengths will vary from a few inches above the knee to well below the knee. A word of warning, the shorter the skirt length the shorter and wider you will look.

I prefer the skirt design with flat box pleats going into the waist band rather than gathered material; it is far more flattering and gives a ‘cleaner and crisper’ look to the skirt.

Dress for Success

Gathered skirt

Personal Shopper

Box pleated skirt

Team your skirt with heeled peep toe shoes and a simple fitted top.

This trend best suits bottom heavy shapes and columns. I say this because it hides the chunky thighs and bottom of a bottom heavy shape, only displaying the trim smaller top half, whereas with the column it adds the illusion of a waist because the skirt ‘adds’ width to the hips.

If you are a curvy girl with a short body and high waist it is going to be a tricky one to get right and will take a bit of additional thought. Choose your skirt fabric carefully (not too rigid and stiff). Keep the skirt length as long as possible and always wear the look with heels. Wear a supportive bra that lifts to ‘maximum rocket launch heights’ thereby creating as much distance as possible between the bust and waist. The choice of top should be fitted (not too tight or loose) with a flattering scoop or V neck line, finally always stand tall.

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