5 Shoes every woman should own.

Shoes and women, we all know the jokes for example, if the shoe fits buy one in every colour.

In line with my ‘less is more’ policy I don’t agree. I will say this though; only buy quality shoes preferably in breathable leather. I will also add in response to the question ’should you go for style or comfort’? The answer is BOTH; don’t compromise on either….ever!

When all is said and done whenever I am conducting a wardrobe session there are essential 5 shoes I always ‘need’ to complete the various looks I create; here they are:

Personal Shopper 1. The Black Heeled Court Shoe. Perfect for work, nothing says ‘professional’ more than this shoe. Team with pencil skirts, skinny trousers and for the season ahead full ‘50’s style skirts and dresses.

Personal Stytlist2. The Flat Ballet Pump. When your feet need ultra-comfort or you are running flat out, nothing beats this shoe. Look for an oval/pointed shaped toe, two tones or metallic embellishment if you need a sophisticated look.

Personal Shopper


3. The Nude Sling Back. Elegance with the added bonus of visually elongating your legs. Essential footwear for summer looks and pale colours.


Stylist4. The Metallic Flat. Goes with any colour clothes. Team with skinny jeans, shorts, summer skirts and dresses.


Stylist, shopping5. The Knee Length Black Boot. THE winter essential. This boot ‘grounds’ nearly all winter looks be it leggings, day dresses/skirts or winter shorts.

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admin5 Shoes every woman should own.