Reinvention through Transformation.

Style. Grooming. Etiquette.

For most of us life is hectic with so many demands on our time, just surviving the day is an accomplishment. It is all too easy for the same day to be lived many times over, eventually soaking up our years in a ‘sea of sameness’. The wonderful thing is that every single day represents a new opportunity to do things differently, to clean the slate, get out of our ruts and become something else. I think this is why the transformation process has always excited me.

I live in the real world, I’m guessing you do too. For that reason I focus on practical yet stylish solutions for issues many of us face, be it an out dated drab wardrobe or confusion over the right action in a social business setting, to making an outstanding first impression.

We were born to be dynamic, regularly up-dating and reinventing yourself will leave you refreshed and energised to face the day in a brand new and might I add, better way.



I am looking for……

Personal Styling


For people who buy in a rut, dislike shopping or are simply too time stressed and frustrated to go it alone.

Book me as a Speaker


Lively, current key notes designed with practical application in mind. Choose one to suit your event.



Boost your brand and customer experience. Business etiquette and image workshops conducted at your premises.